About Us

At Management Analysis Technologies, we are a group of dedicated, hard-working people who have one priority: help you achieve your goals. Whether you are an organization looking for a competitive solution, a person looking for an organization that will value their contributions or a company looking to partner and form a winning team, MAT is the right choice for you. At MAT, your success is our success.

Meet the leadership team


Our team brings together years of experience across multiple disciplines. Leaders at MAT most often come from within the organization, and most members of our leadership team started with the company as analysts and worked their way up. Our leaders live the values of our company and, collectively, represent over 75 years of experience as MAT employees.


Our team comes with a background of lives spent in service and brings the commitment of achieving goals to the way we approach our clients. Your mission is our mission, and mission success is always priority one.


Our team is not only committed to success but also committed to our people. We know that the heart and soul of our company is the people who make things happen every day. They always need to know that we, as their leadership team, care about them and their individual goals, and we will do everything possible to help them succeed.



Ethics and Integrity

A company in which, without exception, ethics and integrity are never subject to compromise or negotiation.



A company that most prides itself on its workforce of highly-skilled and professional employees. Our employees are our lifeblood, and we never miss an opportunity to help them succeed.


Quality Service

A company that consistently provides our clients with the best quality services at a competitive price.


Timely Service

A company that understands that the best-possible answer delivered on-time is always better than the perfect answer delivered late.


The Best at What We Do

A company that is the best at providing top-of-the-line, best-value services in our core areas of expertise.


The Best People for the Job

A company that understands that by embracing the concepts of equal opportunity, we free ourselves to build the most capable team possible. We hire the most qualified people. Period.


We Care about our Team

A company that believes in taking care of its team members. We will always offer competitive wages, advancement opportunities, time and resources for our team members to improve their professional skills, and time for our team members to balance their work life with other pursuits.


We Listen and Communicate

A company that believes that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We encourage communication at all levels, and we will never be a company in which our team members feel like they can’t talk to anyone at any level in our company.


The Golden Rule

A company that believes in our “MAT Golden Rule:” Treat everyone with respect and dignity, just as you would like them to treat you, and treat every client as if he or she is the most important person you will see today!